The advantages of brand 1: Longevity

We produce our aluminum house door very stable to weather conditions –
Solid 95 mm recessed box
Exquisite workmanship and very high quality control are the guarantee for it –
You will have great joy in your Soldo Group doors.

Benefits brands 2: Freedom of Creation

About tastes do not need to be discussed. So choose one of the 50 models.
Before determining the color (we offer all RAL color tones, 12 of them at no extra charge)
through the depth of making up the glass and lunches.

Benefits brands 2: Security

Sometimes the front door must stop not only the rain and storm but uninvited guests. Therefore, all the key parts in Soldo Group’s made of stainless steel. In addition, each of our door already in the standard version with triple boiling with massive Hooks